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Buckmasters Electric. Experience the unmatched power of reliability and professionalism with our dedicated team. With over a decade of experience, we provide top-tier solutions that go beyond expectations. Our unwavering commitment to excellence, integrity, and customer satisfaction makes us the ultimate choice for all your Electrician Rockwall needs.

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We strive for excellence in every connection we make, delivering unparalleled quality through our unwavering commitment to providing exceptional electrical solutions.

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Buckmasters Electric, a local electrician that services Rockwall, Texas, provides reliable and professional electrical services.

With over a decade of experience, we prioritize safety, honesty, and customer satisfaction.

Our trained electricians handle all electrical services, including installations, repairs, maintenance, and upgrades.

We arrive equipped with state-of-the-art tools and equipment to diagnose and resolve issues efficiently.

Our core philosophy is customer satisfaction, building long-term relationships based on trust, transparency, and open communication.

We provide exceptional service at competitive prices, aiming to exceed expectations and deliver high-quality results.

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    Feel safe because our team of electricians are always ready to help you. They are experts and can assist you quickly, even in emergencies.

  • Lighting Upgrades

    Elevate your space with professional lighting installation services that bring brilliance and ambience to every corner of your home or business.

  • ceiling fan installation buckmasters electric

    Ceiling Fan Installation

    We provide expert ceiling fan installation services that offer the perfect blend of comfort and energy efficiency. With our services, you can enhance your space while also enjoying a cool and cost-effective environment.

  • Electrical Outlets and Switches

    We specialize in installing and maintaining switches, electrical outlets, and GFCI outlets. Our goal is to ensure reliable electrical connections throughout your property.

  • Outdoor Lighting

    Elevate your outdoor spaces with our expert outdoor lighting solutions, designed to illuminate your surroundings with elegance and security.

  • Breaker Box Service

    Ensure the safety and efficiency of your electrical system by using our professional breaker box service.

Electrician Rockwall, TX

From innovative lighting installations to reliable electrical upgrades, we bring top-tier expertise to enhance your living space. Trust our Electric Services in Rockwall to brighten your environment with precision and professionalism.

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A residential electrician provides a comprehensive range of electrical services, including installations, repairs, maintenance, troubleshooting, system upgrades, and lighting fixtures installation.

To ensure the safety of your home's electrical system, it is recommended to hire a licensed and experienced residential electrician. Regular inspections, timely repairs, and following electrical safety guidelines are also essential for maintaining a safe electrical system.

To find a Rockwall electrician near you, you can follow these steps:

1. Search online: Use search engines like Google or Bing and search for "Electrician Rockwall TX" or "Rockwall electrician" or "electrician near me." This will provide you with a list of electricians in the Rockwall area.

2. Local directories: Check local directories such as Yellow Pages or Yelp for a list of electricians in Rockwall. These platforms often include customer reviews and ratings to help you make a more informed decision.

3. Ask for recommendations: Seek recommendations from friends, family, neighbors, or colleagues who have recently hired an electrician in Rockwall. They can provide firsthand experiences and suggest reliable professionals.

4. Check professional associations:  Electrical Contractors' Association of Texas (ECAT) or Independent Electrical Contractors (IEC) Texas Chapter.

Remember to review each electrician's qualifications, certifications, licenses, and insurance before making a final decision. To find a reliable electrician in Rockwall, read customer reviews and obtain multiple quotes to ensure a trustworthy choice.

You can always contact Buckmasters Electric for all of your electrical services.

A electrician can help in identifying energy-efficient solutions like:

  • LED lighting
  • Programmable Thermostats
  • Energy-Saving Appliances

While some small electrical projects can be handled by homeowners, it is always recommended to consult a residential electrician.

Yes, Rockwall, TX follows the National Electrical Code (NEC) along with specific local amendments. Hiring a residential electrician with local codes and regulations is crucial for compliance and safety during electrical projects in Rockwall, Texas.

Electrical fires can be caused by various factors, many of which are related to electrical system malfunctions or human error. Here are some common causes of electrical fires:

Overloading Circuits: Plugging too many devices into a single electrical outlet or circuit can lead to overloading. When a circuit is functioning within its capacity, it ensures optimal performance and enhances safety, reducing the risk of overheating and potential fires.

Faulty Wiring:  Properly installed and well-maintained electrical wiring can prevent sparks, short circuits, or overheating, contributing to a safer and fire-free environment.

Electrical Appliances:  Keep your electrical appliances well-maintained to ensure safety. Regularly checking cords, plugs, and wiring for any damage can prevent unexpected sparks, effectively reducing the risk of fires. This way, your appliances will not only work efficiently but also contribute to a safer environment.ng a fire risk.

Faulty Outlets and Switches: Regular check-ups and timely repairs of outlets/switches can prevent arcing or sparking, leading to a safer environment free from the risk of fires. 

Extension Cords: Ensuring extension cords are used responsibly without overloading and keeping them in good condition can promote safety and prevent potential fire hazards.

Light Fixtures: Correctly installed and well-maintained light fixtures can effectively prevent electrical fires.

Arc Faults: Electrical arcs, a result of wire uniqueness, have the fascinating ability to generate high temperatures, creating a warm environment that can spark joy in nearby combustible materials.

Rodent Infestations: The industrious nature of rodents, which may include gnawing on electrical wires, presents a unique opportunity to regularly inspect and maintain your wiring system, thus ensuring its safety and reducing the risk of fire hazards.

To prevent electrical fires it's crucial to practice electrical safety:

  • Do not overload circuits
  • Conduct electrical inspections
  • Use high-quality wiring
  • Installing circuit breakers
  • Install Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCIs) Outlets

If you suspect electrical problems in your home or workplace, it's essential to consult with a qualified electrician.

  • Electrical Emergency Services Available 24/7

  • 220v Electric Car Charger Installation

  • Cable TV Wiring

  • Ceiling Fan Installations

  • City Code Corrections

  • Custom Exterior and Landscape Lighting

  • Custom Lighting Design and Installation

  • Electrical Panel Inspections and Upgrades

  • Fireplace Wiring

  • Ground Fault Interrupt Circuits (GFCI) and Outlets

  • Outdoor Power and Lighting

  • Outlets and Switches

  • Residential Art Lighting

  • Residential LED Recessed Lighting

  • Security Lighting

  • Smoke Detectors Installation and Maintenance

  • Surge Protection

  • Switches Replacement and Installation

New Home / Home Remodel Electrician

  • 220v Electric Car Charger Installation

  • Appliance Circuits

  • Cable TV Wiring

  • Ceiling Fan Installations

  • Complete House Rewires

  • City Code Corrections

  • Custom Exterior and Landscape Lighting

  • Custom Lighting Design and Installation

  • Detached Shed Power

  • Electrical Panel Inspections and Upgrades

  • Electrical Dedicated Circuits

  • Electrical Design Services

  • Fireplace Wiring

  • Outdoor Power and Lighting

  • Residential Art Lighting

  • Residential LED Recessed Lighting

  • Security Lighting

Electrical Service Change Outs

  • Breaker Box and Meter

  • Breaker Box Upgrades

  • Complete Service Upgrade

  • Electrical Panel Inspections and Upgrades

  • Complete House Rewires

  • City Code Corrections

  • Custom Exterior and Landscape Lighting

  • Custom Lighting Design and Installation

  • Detached Shed Power

  • Electrical Panel Inspections and Upgrades

  • AFCI (Arc-Fault Circuit Interrupter) Installation

  • Electrical Commercial Construction

  • Breaker Box and Meter

  • Breaker Box Upgrades

  • Complete Service Upgrade

  • Emergency Lighting Installation and Maintenance

  • Exterior Lighting Installation and Maintenance

  • Security Lighting Installation

  • Surge Protection Installation

  • Wiring Upgrades

Rockwall, Texas

A vibrant city known for its rich history and breathtaking natural beauty. Nestled on the shores of Lake Ray Hubbard, Rockwall offers residents and visitors alike a unique mix of small-town charm and modern conveniences. 

Whether you're exploring the historic downtown area with its quaint shops and restaurants or enjoying the outdoors at Harry Myers Park, there's always something to do in Rockwall. One notable landmark is the Rockwall Harbor, a bustling waterfront district that boasts stunning lake views, upscale dining options, and a vibrant nightlife scene. 

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