Residential Electrician for Remodels in Terrell TX

Looking for reliable and professional electrical services for your home remodel in Terrell, Texas? Look no further than Buckmasters Electric. With over 15 years of experience, our team of master electricians provides 5-star service. We pride ourselves on transparent pricing and efficient workmanship. Trust Buckmasters Electric for all your electrical needs and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with our services.

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At Buckmasters Electric, we understand the importance of having reliable and efficient electrical services for your home remodel project in Terrell, TX. Our team of experienced electricians is here to help you every step of the way. Whether you need assistance with wiring installations, lighting fixtures, or electrical panel upgrades, we have the knowledge and skills to get the job done right. With our professional expertise, we ensure that all electrical work is completed safely and up to code, giving you peace of mind. Trust Buckmasters Electric for all your home remodel electrical needs - we're here to make your vision a reality!

Choose Buckmasters Electric for all your Home Remodel Electrical needs!

Don't wait to experience the power of Buckmasters Electric, the trusted local electrician for remodels in Terrell, TX. Illuminate your home with our reliable, professional, and efficient services. Contact us today for all your remodel electrical needs.

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I have been a builder/remodeler for 30 years. I’ve been using Buckmasters Electric for approximately 20 of those years. When it come to costumer satisfaction, I strongly recommend them. Their work is impeccable. My costumers are always pleased , and enjoyed their experience with Buckmasters. Shot.gun Enterprises L.L.C.


  • electrical-swtich buckmasters electric

    Switch Replacement

    Replacing old switches with new ones or upgrading to dimmer switches for better control of lighting levels.

  • ceiling fan installation buckmasters electric

    Wiring for Appliances

    Installing new electrical wiring to accommodate new or relocated appliances such as ovens, cooktops, or dishwashers.

  • light bulb buckmasters electric

    Lighting Design & Installation

    This includes installing new lighting fixture installation or replacing existing ones. It can involve installing chandeliers, pendant lights, recessed lights, or track lighting.

  • Outlet Relocation & Addition

    Adding new electrical outlets or relocating existing ones during a remodel. This can involve electrical outlet installation in new locations or upgrading to GFCI outlets for improved safety.

  • Electrical Panel Upgrade

    Upgrading the electrical panel to accommodate the increased electrical load of a remodel. This may include installing a larger panel, adding new circuit breakers, or replacing outdated equipment.

  • Data Wiring

    Installing wiring for internet, telephone, or cable connections. This can involve running Ethernet cables, installing phone jacks, or setting up cable outlets in different rooms.

  • Kitchen Electrical Buckmasters Electric

    Kitchen Remodel Electrical

    Planning for a kitchen remodel often includes the addition of new electrical outlets to accommodate modern appliances and lighting, as well as the installation of GFCI outlets to enhance safety.

  • bathroom electrical remodel Buckmasters Electric

    Bathroom Remodel Electrical

    Bathroom remodel electrical service involves updating and installing new electrical fixtures, such as lighting, outlets, and switches, to meet the specific needs and design preferences of the renovated space.

  • New Addition Electrical Buckmasters Electric

    New Addition Electrical

    The new addition electrical service features modern, energy-efficient wiring and fixtures to ensure safe and reliable power distribution.

Take Your Terrell TX Business to New Heights with Our Commercial Electrical Solutions

Experience our exceptional electrical services, from cutting-edge lighting installations to dependable upgrades. Trust our Electrician Terrell TX experts to illuminate your workspace with accuracy and professionalism.

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  • Electrician for Remodels in Terrell TX

    At Buckmasters Electric, we believe that choosing us for your home improvement electrical services is the best decision you can make.

    With over 15 years of experience in the industry, our team of experts has earned a reputation for providing reliable, professional, and efficient service.

    We take pride in delivering 5-star service to every customer, ensuring your complete satisfaction.

    Our master electricians are available to address any electrical needs you may have and our transparent pricing ensures there are no surprises.

    Trust Buckmasters Electric to handle all of your electrical needs with expertise and care.

Electrician for Remodels in Terrell TX
Electrician Rockwall, Texas Service Call Residential Services Buckmasters Electric

Residential Electrician for Remodels in Terrell TX

  • Kitchen Remodel Electrical
  • Bathroom Remodel Electrical
  • Addition Electrical
  • Home Improvement Electrical
  • Lighting Design & Installation
  • Outlet Relocation & Addition
  • Panel Upgrades
  • Appliance Wiring
  • Dedicated Circuits
  • Ceiling Fan Installation
  • Smoke Detector & Carbon Monoxide Installation
  • Home Automation Integration
  • Electrical Safety Inspection
  • Code Compliance


We offer a wide range of electrical services for home remodels, including wiring installation, lighting installation, outlet and switch installations, panel upgrades, and electrical troubleshooting.

During home remodels, we can assist with various electrical needs, such as rewiring rooms, installing new lighting fixtures, upgrading electrical panels to accommodate additional appliances, and ensuring all electrical work is up to code.

Yes, we stand behind our work and offer warranties on our electrical services. We believe in providing long-lasting solutions, and if any issues arise, we will promptly address them to ensure your satisfaction.

At Buckmasters Electric, we believe in transparency and providing upfront pricing to our customers. We will provide you with a detailed breakdown of all costs involved in your electrical project, ensuring there are no surprises along the way.

At Buckmasters Electric, we understand the importance of having reliable electrical services for your home remodel project. Whether you are building a brand new house or renovating your existing space, ensuring that the electrical system is properly installed and up to code is crucial for both safety and functionality.

When it comes to new construction or remodeling projects, electrical work is not something you want to overlook. A well-designed and efficiently wired electrical system can enhance the overall functionality of your home while also providing a safe environment for you and your family. From installing lighting fixtures, outlets, and switches to setting up wiring for appliances and entertainment systems, our experienced electricians have the knowledge and expertise to handle all your electrical needs.

With our professional electrical services, you can rest assured that every aspect of your home remodel project will be taken care of with precision and attention to detail. We stay up to date with the latest industry standards and regulations to ensure that all our installations are done safely and efficiently. Don't compromise on quality when it comes to your electrical needs – trust Buckmasters Electric for reliable, transparent pricing, exceptional service, and peace of mind.

Need a Licensed Electrician or Electrical Contractor for your Home Remodel?

Our safe and reliable electricians can handle wiring installations, energy-efficient lighting upgrades, and electrical maintenance.  Contact us today! 


Terrell, Texas

Terrell, Texas – a charming city known for its rich history and warm community.

Located just 30 miles east of Dallas in Kaufman County, Terrell offers a delightful blend of small-town charm and big-city convenience.

One of the most famous attractions in Terrell is the Terrell Heritage Museum, where visitors can explore the city's fascinating past and learn about its pioneering spirit.

From the picturesque downtown with its quaint shops and restaurants to the beautiful parks and recreational areas, Terrell has something for everyone.

And when it comes to electrical services, Buckmasters Electric is the go-to choice for residents who are remodeling their home. With our exceptional expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction, Buckmasters Electric is dedicated to keeping our customers happy.

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Home Remodel Construction Projects

At our Buckmasters Electric, we understand the excitement and anticipation that comes with starting a home remodel project. We take pride in offering our best in class electrical services to ensure your construction project is a success from start to finish.

For those embarking on a home remodel project, our electrical services play a crucial role in transforming your space into something extraordinary. We understand the importance of seamlessly blending modern upgrades with existing elements.

Our master electrician will work closely with you to understand your vision and implement innovative solutions that meet both your aesthetic requirements and functional needs.

Whether it's rewiring old circuits, upgrading panel boards, or installing smart home technology, we have the expertise to bring your dream remodel to life.

With our comprehensive range of electrical services tailored specifically for home remodels, you can rest assured that every detail will be taken care of by professionals who are passionate about their craft.

Our commitment to excellence means that no matter the size or complexity of your construction project, we will go above and beyond to deliver results that exceed your expectations.

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